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Special Event in Collaboration with Holistic Dog Training

April 3 - May 15 

Sundays at 9:30 AM in Richmond, CA

Registration Closes April 9

In-Person Puppy Classes

Register Now!

Call or text Judy at (510) 361-4939 or e-mail at

The Whimsy Dog and Holistic Dog Training are teaming up to offer an in-person class designed to teach puppies (8 weeks - 5 months) and children how to coexist safely and joyfully. This class is specifically designed to give you, your kids and your beloved puppies strategies and foundation skills to set everyone in your home up for success.

In this class, dogs and their humans will learn about: 

  • Bite Inhibition: Ouch! Those teeth are like little knives. Give your puppy healthy outlets for their natural instincts to explore the world mouth first and develop self regulation around mouthing / puppy biting.

  • Physical Handling & Healthy Play: Build stronger bonds and deeper trust by handling your puppy with care and developing healthy play strategies for your kids and dogs. 

  • Socialization 101: Help your dog fall in love with the world and set a strong foundation for them. Build their confidence and give them quality positive and neutral experiences with diverse people, animals and in new environments!

  • Preparing for the Terrible Teens: Learn what you can expect from your teenage tyrant and develop strategies to prepare for adolescence. 

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About Judy & Holistic Dog Training

Judy Shevelev is an accredited IAABC trainer (International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants) with over 12 years of experience working with puppies, adolescent dogs and others through positive reinforcement training and behavior modification.  

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